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Our Mold Clamps Make Your Machines More Efficient And Durable, Lower Maintenance Costs!

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Welcome to DGMF Mold Clamps Co., Ltd.

We mainly offer a wide range of Mold Clamps. Used in a wide in processing machinery especially plastic molding industries clamping of heavy molds on plastic injection molding machines, and pressure dies casting machines.

Our product range comprises:

Closed Toe Mold Clamps & Open Toe Mold Clamps

Closed-End Mold Clamps & Open-End Mold Clamps

Forged Mold Clamps

Bolt Type Mold Clamps

Universal Mold Clamps & Uni Mold Clamps

Mold Clamp Washers & Mold Clamp Bolts

Easy Clamps & Adjustable Mold Clamps

Stepped Strap Mold Clamps & Step Clamps

Strap Mold Clamps & Strap Clamps & Plain Clamps

No Turning Washers & No-Twist Rectangular Mold Washers

Open Slot Mold Clamps & U Mold Clamps & U Clamps

Tapped Press Clamps & Step Blocks & Step Block Mold Clamps

Goose Neck Mold Clamps & Goose Neck Clamps

Quick-Change Mold Clamps & High-Speed Mold Clamps & Quick Mold Clamps

Mold Bases & Mold Base Clamps

58pcs Clamping Sets

G-Clamp G Clamps & C-Clamp C Clamps

ScrewJacks & Lifting Swivel & Jacks

Eye Bolts & Eye Nuts

D Shackles & Bow Shackles

Mold Clamp Studs & Clamping Studs with Hex Spanner

Round Mold Washers & Flange Nuts

Hexagon Socket Screws & Hexagon Screws

Hexagon Nuts & Extension Nuts

Screw Plugs & Pressure Plugs & Tapered Screw Plugs

T Slotted Bolts & T Nuts & Two Holes T Nuts

Cooling Circuit Plugs & Mold Cooling Plugs

Mold Parting Locks

Date Mark Inserts & Air Valves

Socket Set Screws & Socket Head Shoulders

Ball Plungers & Ball Cages

Hose Clamps & Spiral Plug Baffles

Hose Nipples & Quick Release Connector Plugs

Stopper Rings & Locating Rings

Stop Pins & Stop Disks & Stop Bottoms & Stop Springs

Sleeve Pins & Ejector Pins

Dowel Pins & Shoulder Punches

Puller Bolts & Stop Bolts & Support Pillars & Pull Rods

Sprue bushings & Guide Bushings

Slide Interlocks & Tapered Interlocks

Side Locks & Top Locks & X-Series Locks & Taper Blocks

Slide Retainer & Latch Locking Units

Slide Core Guide Units & Ejection Mechanism

CNC Machining Parts, etc.

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    We mainly offer a wide range of Mold Clamps. Used in a wide in processing machinery especially plast......

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    Wir bieten hauptsächlich eine breite Palette von Spannpratzen an. Verwendet in einem weiten Bereich ......

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    Offriamo principalmente una vasta gamma di morsetti per stampi. Utilizzato in un'ampia gamma di macc......

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    主に幅広い金型クランプを提供しています。 プラスチック成形業界、特にプラスチック射出成形機での重い金型のクランプ、および圧力ダイカスト機での加工機械で広く使用されています。